Static Websites
A static website is the simplest way to show your product or business online. It is the easiest type of website to set up, but making changes to static websites require web programming knowledge. Static web design is best suited for sites that will not require updates often.

Static website is also termed as Small Business Website and Brochure Websites and usually serves with an online demonstration thus enabling us to persuade the prospective customers to purchase our products or services. This type of website is suitable for those who need to constitute their web presence or just use it as a basis of intermediation to establish contact with the clients.

To Design a static website is a simple method when compared with dynamic website as the technology is quite simple to understand. In general static websites are created using minimum script and HTML coding. Our static web designing services starts with understanding the clients requirement, analyzing and designing the appropriate lay out which translates your business logic into the desired application. A static website is quite suitable where updating the products or services is not required. Static web designs are ideal for downloading images, brochures etc. Static websites are easy to navigate and it is browser.

Dynamic Websites
A website is considered to be successful when it is in par with the activities in your organization or business .A dynamic website solution will help you to keep your content updated by yourself when you require in order staying in touch with the audience with your latest services and products. At KAMAKHYA SOFT, we offer you a highly unique and flexible solution that can meet all your expectations.

You can now keep your website active and updated under your control with the help of dynamic website by KAMAKHYA SOFT. Our KAMAKHYA SOFT expert team will provide you with automated navigation control that can help you in easy navigation in your website. Our Experts in KAMAKHYA SOFT can take care of any kind of developmental and maintenance needs for your website.

KAMAKHYA SOFT help desk is available is available 24/7 to satisfy all your needs and requirements regarding web designing. Our KAMAKHYA SOFT expert teams are specialized in compatible designs, content writing and marketing for the success of your dynamic website. We provide you with a domain name of your interest (.com, .net, .us, .ca, .uk, .au. in, etc.)

Website Redesigning
A website demands complete makeover and facelift when it loses its capability to match the changing tastes of the niche and upgrading algorithms of search engines. At KAMAKHYA SOFT, we render absolute redesign support to help clients obtain the most coveted results through website rejuvenation.

Transforming site contours is what we specialize in. To help our clients excel in their business promotion endeavors, we add new functionality,professional Image and engagingness to existing websites to revive their revenue generation capability. We at KAMAKHYA SOFT understand the mercurial demand of users, search engines and businesses; and direct our efforts to bring stagnant businesses into motion.

Fresh Look, Revised Site Map and Latest Web Standards are core areas we emphasize on under website remodeling activities we undertake.



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